Actually, Lieutenant, it doesn't matter if you inhaled or not. The agent's designed to enter the olfactory neurons and proceed directly to the brain's empathy centers.
A cocktail of highly refined MDMA, oxytocin, prolactin, and several new compounds which President Gore's donors in the pharmaceutical industry have developed on the American taxpayer's dollar.


Tell meexactly what did I breathe again?
Never mind my tits. Tell me more about what the virus is doing to my brain,
FYI Lieutenant, the oxytocin is what's causing you to lactate.
Stimulating dendritic growth in your prefrontal orbital cortex.
Probably not, Lieutenant.
What's this "probably" bullshit? You told me this agent's been tested, General.
Except none of the test subjects were women.
And is my brain gonna bust out my skull like a soft-boiled egg?
Yes, Lieutenant. It's been in development for over 30 years. Tested on hundreds of subjects.
Death row inmates, mostly, and a few select "pupils" from the School of the Americas.
No, Lieutenant.
I remember, as a little girl, visiting him in the insane asylum. Seeing how the syphillis had eaten his brain away.
If there's even a chance I might go out like that, I need to know now, General....
I told you my grandfather was a Tuskegee sharecropper, didn't I?
So that I can sue the government for $500 million and start partying while I got a brain left.
Understand something, Lieutenant... In 1971, nobody involved with the development of this agent could have imagined women would ever be serving in combat arms duties.
The mandate for this research was to stop human aggression at its neurological roots. At that time, the men working on this project believed women were biologically incapable of killing. Needless to say, they never met my older sister.
Miller, there is a bigger picture here.
In the good old days, Lieutenant, victory in a war was achieved in threeways: Destroy the enemy's armed forces; destroy his country; and/or, destroy his will to fight.
Al Qaeda represents a new type of enemy. No "armed forces" in any traditional or legal sense. No country -- just a shifting network of disposable assets.
All they have is their will to fight... and that, ultimately, is the target we have chosen to destroy.... using every weapon at our disposal.
Micromechanical surveillance devices, like this spider I'm speaking through, represent one prong of the attack. Brain-mutating microbes represent another.
Unfortunately the biotechnology which created this virus is only getting more user-friendly. In 10 years it'll be possible for a small community of assholes with fast modems and a shared grudge to wipe out the entire human race.
And this won't be a problem for the next 10 years, but the next ten thousand. Grok this fact, and then we can discuss ethics, Lieutenant.
I mean, I think I should be furious. I should be breaking shit. I should be going Sarah Connor on these doctors' asses.
But I can't stay angry. And that would terrify me, except... I can't stay scared, either.
The truth is, General... I've never felt more awake... More lucid.. More comfortable in my body... before.
Is this what insanity feels like?
Joy without object?
Like I'm perpetually emerging from a fog?
In case you've forgotten, we are at war.
Or who knows... maybe I'll strap on a jet pack and fight crime.
General... .
Your virus has done such a good job fucking with my head, I can't even tell if what you just said was brilliant, or evil, or both.
And that pisses me off.